New Project!!

Our application for a new KA2 project has been accepted! So we will start a two-year project with schools from Spain (the project coordinator), Germany, Iceland, Poland and Greece. The name of the project is R.E.S.P.E.C.T. (Respectful European Schools Pursue Equality & Cultural Tolerance). The aim is to study and compare ways to tackle bullying, absenteeism, early school leaving and all kinds of discrimination at school. We will also try to find ways to help refugees, immigrant students and other students in disadvantaged positions to integrate.

This project will include students and their families, teachers and other school staff. There will be meetings in the participating countries when we get to present the work we have done in all the schools,  but we’ll also work online between the meetings. The first student meeting will be in Poland in March 2017, and the first teachers’ meeting where we’ll plan how to begin the project with our students is held in Iceland in October. There’ll be more news to come, stay tuned!