Fit for Life Trip to Buszkowice, Poland

Wednesday November 27, 2019


Veera, Kati and Niklas (from left to right)

We woke up at about 3am, and we met at around 4.30am at Helsinki-Vantaa airport. We were tired, but shaking in excitement. We read the names of our polish ERASMUS+ friends over and over again, speculating what they were like. The flight was exhausting, but the stop at München helped a lot.

The second flight felt a lot shorter, and that might be because of our excitement. We arrived in Poland at about 2.30pm and oddly we were not tired, even though we woke up so early. We drove by bus to the Buszkowice school, and almost immediately met our families. Some of the families don’t speak English very well, but there were some exceptions. We spent the rest of the evening relaxing with the families.





The next morning started early at about 7am. We went to the school, and met the local teachers and students. Compared to the school in Finland, the Buszkowice school is very small, and cozy. There were only a few classrooms in the whole school. We started with icebreakers, to get to know all the other students. Everyone was super nice and friendly. After that, we went to the country club to eat the traditional polish dish, cucumber soup.

IMG-20191209-WA0026 (1)

Most of us didn’t really like it, because we’re not fans of pickles. After that we got into a very very small bus, and went to explore a little local apple orchard. After that we came back to the country club, and made some traditional Polish dumplings. It was very fun, and exhanged little facts about our languages with the other students. After the lunch, we hung out for some time at around 7pm. Around that time we started partying. This day was very important, because we got to know all the other students better.




The school started a little bit later, with the schools annual breakfast feast. There were tables after the other, full of healthy breakfast foods. Then we got into a bigger bus than yesterday, and went to the mountains. The view was beautiful, and we saw all of Buszkowice from the hills. There was a great religious statue.




We went shopping at the mall. In the evening there was a disco at the school. There was food and treats. There was also foretelling.



We were woken up very early. We went to Krakow at 5:30 in the morning, but the bus trip was 3h so we mostly slept. In Krakow we got a professional tour guide to bring us around town. We went looking at old castles, churches, and other historical places. In our free time, we decided that we wanted to go eat something. Everything was so fun and cozy.




The school’s 1st-3rd graders made us breakfast. They made bread. Later we went to old historical Polish fortresses. They were vey impressive, and the tour guide explained the history behind each room. We could see the Ukrainian border from the hills that the fortresses on the slope of the hill.


Tuesday December 3

The bus left from the school at 2:30, and we were very tired. We mostly slept on the plane.

Written by Kati, Niklas and Veera

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