Last day in Bath

Last day Friday the 8th was all about presentations about the previous day.  We made also a list of our email addresses for future contacts and we created our own WhatsApp group where we already have shared a lot of photos during the course. So now it’s time to wrap it up and go back home.I met wonderful people from all around Europe and we will continue keeping in touch. So many invitations and schools to visit! I think the people were the thing and all those conversations together . What a journey!! ❤👍


Inspiration from the school visit

Today on the 7th we visited Bath Community Academy in Rush Hill. It´s a public secundary school with about 250 pupils. We attended Science, Maths, English and Geography classes and at the end of the day whole school assembly for building an ethos.A great tip for chemistry lesson; Chocolate chip mining which I´m going to try with my own class and great British websites for different subjects! Schools principals are Respect, Friendship and Excellence and we really saw those three words everywhere!

Lessons were quite different from Finnish system and  Spanish, Italian and Kroatian as well. They really paid attention for safety and we were introduced a safeguarding plan that we were supposed to follow during the day and we were guided all the time. There are many different systems etc. if the pupil can´t behave he/she will be sent to isolation for 24 hrs. There are a lot of school assistants! There are many pupils at school who need special education so it was interesting to see how things are organized. Pupils come from an area with familys who have a lot of social problems.

Facilities at school were quite impressive especially PE. Own swimming pool with kayaks, life saving equipment for rehearsing the skills etc. All in all a great and inspiring day!



Wednesday the 6th

We are nine different nationalities in this course and today we told more about the education system in each countries. We have a lot of similiarities but also some differencies. Everybody seems to know the superior WP_20160706_19_01_10_Pro[1]Finnish education system 🙂 I told that the secret behind all this is absolutely the fantastic Finnish teachers! They agreed of course 😀 And obviously we continued talking about Brexit.

In the afternoon we separated again and there are three other teachers from Latvia, Spain and Estonia in my group and we continued with this SEN ( Special Education Needs) theme with Allen. The UK has a new SEN curriculum and we talked about that and in the end we prepared a presentation for Friday about the subject.

After the official part seven of us took the train to Bristol and we had a nice evening there getting to know the city. Picture below is from Bath and above from Bristol.WP_20160705_16_10_29_Pro[1]

“Cooking worldwide”

Tuesdays theme was Developing employability. We discussed about skills that students will need in the future applying for a job. Positive approach, self-management, thinking and solving problems, working together and communication skills seemed to be the main skills. We were given a task for Wednesday and we were asked to make a proposal for a joint international project. We planned a vocational school project ”  Cooking worldwide”. It´s a project ( for instance using ICT )  between two countries including student exchange considering kitchen staff, learning about new food culture, new employment possibilities in other countries etc. Meanwhile some of us were visiting  a primary school ( the only one open in Bath because of the strike ) 🙂 Sun is shining, people are in a good mood and I have made many new contacts! Fish and chips rule!WP_20160705_14_53_04_Pro[1]

4th of July in Bath

WP_20160704_16_48_19_Pro[1]We started on Monday morning at the Bath county club which is a 300 year old building in the heart of Bath. We learnt about the English education system and of course we talked a lot about Brexit which is obviously a big issue at the moment. After lunch we got into  smaller groups and in my group Mr Stephen Aiano told about the British system considering education in special needs. We had an interesting conversation about the theme

Well, tomorrow there is going to be a massive teacher‘s strike in the UK so we willl have to change plans and skip the school visit for tomorrow.